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(a few of our most cherished awards)

In May 2012 Lone Star Junction was awarded a Certificate and Texas flag by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT) to mark our 17th year as a Texas history website. The flag had flown over the Alamo the previous month.

[*] In 2007, LSJ was recognized in a
Short Segment on Austin News Channel 8.

[*] Our website has been named a "Cool Site"
by Netscape's Open Directory Project
for 2003 in the category for
Texas Culture and History.

[*] According to the Links2Go website, our
Songs of Texas page ranks among the
50 most popular on the World Wide Web
in the category of MIDI music.

[*] Our Rare and Classic Books of the Southwest
section was featured in the 4/14/97 hardcopy
edition of the Austin American-Statesman

[*] On 3/7/97, Lone Star Junction
was awarded a Times Pick
by the Los Angeles Times

[*] Discovery Channel Online cited Lone Star
in its 2/24/97 article entitled
The Great Waco Train Wreck

[*] LSJ was named a texas.100.best website
in the August 1996 issue of Texas Monthly.

[*] The Houston Chronicle featured Lone Star
in its Hotlist: Texas column
of Sunday, July 7, 1996.

Lone Star Junction was selected by the
Magellan Internet Guide
as a leading website
on the World Wide Web.

LSJ was reviewed by Excite
as one of the web's best sites.

Southwestern Bell selected Lone Star Junction
as among the "best-of-the-best" on the WWW.

In addition, according to Google, more than
1500 websites
currently link to Lone Star Junction.

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