Setting up Your Browser to Play MIDI Songs

It's easy to set up your browser to play MIDI song files. The following process applies to Netscape browsers under Windows or Windows 95, but similar procedures apply to other browsers and operating system platforms. Just follow these three easy steps:

  1. From the Netscape main menu, select Options > Preferences > Helper Applications.

  2. Press the "New Type..." button. Enter audio as the MIME Type, then x-mid as the MIME Subtype. Enter mid in the "Extensions:" box.

  3. Now choose "Launch Application:" and select the "Browse..." button. From the lists of directories and files, establish the c:\windows\mplayer.exe path to the Media Player program included with the Windows operating system. Select OK, OK.

Done! You've linked Netscape to the MIDI Viewer. Your browser is now set up to play your favorite MIDI songs. After a brief download of the song file, your Media Player will automatically launch.

When the Media Player window appears, select start (the button on the lower left) to begin playing the song. Note: within the Media Player's Edit > Options menu, you can select options for Auto Rewind, Auto Repeat, etc., as desired.

Happy surfing.

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