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The Yellow Rose
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The following song files conform to the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) standard. The overwhelming advantage of the midi format is that the files are only about 2% of the size (and therefore download 50 times faster) compared with files using the more common "wav" or other formats.

You must have a sound card installed on your PC to be able to play the MIDI files, and your Browser must be linked to your MIDI player software to play the songs on-line. For really great CD quality sound, we also recommend that you have a "wavetable" type sound card.

Note: clicking on the singing smiley face next to many of the songs will return the lyrics for that song.

[Tips for setting up your browser to play midi song files].

Uniquely Texas:

(OK, all you Bears, Cougars, Raiders, Horned Frogs, Owls.......now is your
chance. Send us a midi file of your school song and we'll be glad to add it
to the list. If you don't have your song in midi format and can send a copy
of the sheet music, we'll do our best to record it for you.)

Regional Favorites:

Down Mexico Way:

Campfire Classics:

Honky-tonk Heaven:

Ragtime Favorites by Scott Joplin

Theme Song from The Lone Ranger

Inspirational / Old-Time Gospel

For Our Friends in New Braunfels:

The above songs were recorded by Don Carroll (DC) of Houston, Texas, by Jeff Powell (JP) of Cupertino, CA, and by Marie Hardeman (MDH), wife of the editor of these web pages. Waltz Across Texas is provided courtesy BandTrax, used with permission.

We hope that you enjoy the songs as much as the musicians enjoyed recording them. We'll attempt to take your Requests for other songs you would like to see added to the list. Better yet, send along some of your own. Either way, we will be adding more.

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