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Presidents of the Republic of Texas
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Note: If a cabinet position was held by more than one person during
any administration, only the first to hold that position is identified.

Burnet Photo David Burnet (Ad Interim Government)
(March 1836-October 1836)
Vice-President: Lorenzo de Zavala
Secretary of State: Samuel Price Carson
Secretary of War: Thomas J. Rusk
Secretary of Treasury: Bailey Hardeman
Attorney General: David Thomas
Houston Photo Sam Houston (1st Administration)
(October 1836-December 1838)
Vice-President: Mirabeau B. Lamar
Secretary of State: Stephen F. Austin
Secretary of War: Thomas J. Rusk
Secretary of Treasury: Henry Smith
Attorney General: James Collinsworth
Lamar Photo Mirabeau Lamar
(December 1838-December 1841)
Vice-President: David G. Burnet
Secretary of State: Barnard E. Bee
Secretary of War: Albert Sidney Johnston
Secretary of Treasury: Richard G. Dunlap
Attorney General: John C. Watrous
Houston Photo Sam Houston (2nd Administration)
(December 1841-December 1844)
Vice-President: Ed Burleson
Secretary of State: Anson Jones
Secretary of War: George W. Hockley
Sec. of Treasury: E. Lawrence Stickney
Attorney General: George W. Terrell
Jones Photo Anson Jones
(December 1844-February 1846)
Vice-President: Kenneth L. Anderson
Secretary of State: Ashbel Smith
Secretary of War: George W. Hill
Sec. of Treasury: William B. Ochiltree
Attorney General: Ebenezer Allen

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